Hello World!

Sorry about the title, I just couldn’t resist.  For those of you who are not aware of the traditions of computer programming this may need a small explanation.  But first, the introduction.

My name is Brent Basham and my friend Andrew Currie and I are software developers.  We are also dads.  And we love our kids. Most of the time.  Well.. all of the time but some times are more challenging than others.  You get the point.  This all started as we were having interesting conversations about technology and how it relates to raising our children.  The more we talked the more it dawned on us just how profound a moment in time we are living in now.

Starting with the birth of the personal computer and exploding exponentially with the rise of the Internet, technology has tafken off like a rocket to the moon.  And it’s only getting faster.  The difference between when we were kids living in what has become a practical stone age, to the world our own children now inhabit is absolutely insane.  The gap is too wide to measure and it’s a moving target anyway.

I mean, I can still remember a time without any computers, any video games, and when you had to get up off the sofa if you wanted to change the channel on the TV.  Now kids are trying to “swipe” magazine pages because they don’t understand what anyone would do with such an archaic way of presenting the news.  It’s already old the minute it gets printed anyway.  What’s the use in that?

So clearly things are moving at a breakneck pace and we are charged not only with keeping up but in raising our children to succeed in a world that is constantly changing.  And that’s when it hit us.  We could discuss these things on a blog and talk about them in a podcast so people could connect in a community where everyone can benefit and learn from each other.  Brilliant!

After all, I like to talk.  So does Andrew.  Trust me.  And we also love to learn.  About technology, about becoming better people and better parents, and about some other things we just flat out think are cool.  And we’d love to count you as part of this growing collaboration of expertise and opinion.

So if you’d like to mosey over to iTunes or your favorite podcast application and subscribe to the podcast right now we would be eternally grateful.  Or at least I will.  I’m trying not to speak for Andrew.  On second thought, he’s not here and he asked me to write this so yeah, we will BOTH be eternally grateful.  If you ever see one of us in person just remind us of your noble deed and we’ll offer you and honest and obligatory “thanks.”  Guaranteed.

If you thought I forgot about the programming reference at the beginning of this post, surprise, I didn’t.  Actually I did but then I remembered right before I finished writing so it’s practically the same thing.  Stop judging.  Here it is.  “Hello World!” is one of the simplest programs that can be written in many programming languages and has therefore become a bit of a tradition as a first get-your-feet-wet-before-you-start-drowing-in-the-deep-end-of-coding sample, intended to start learning the language of choice.

Not to scare anyone off with the techno-babble.  If any of you are not familiar with software development you should know this website isn’t really about that at all.  It will probably barely even get mentioned.  For the record, for those of you that do have programming questions (or any super technical inquiries) please direct them to Andrew.  He’ll be happy to personally create a custom video tutorial for each and every request.  He said so.  Honest.

Joking aside, we are looking very forward to growing this community with you.  We feel this group will be a perfect place to share our experiences with technology or kids or anything else you want to talk about.  If you haven’t already subscribed to the podcast go ahead and do that now.  Go.  We’re depending on your support and we thank you in advance for the continued support and glowing feedback.  It wouldn’t kill you to tell a friend either would it?

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