Episode 0: Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

After more procrastination than we’d care to admit, we finally kicked off the Digital Dads podcast.  Super excited that we overcame the inertia and got this one out there.  Brent is completely new to podcasting and this is the first time the guys got together and recorded their conversation.

This first episode answers the question, “Why on earth would you two wackos think anyone would want to listen to you talk about parenting and technology?”  Good question.  And we do our best to answer it.  The quality of said answer is open to interpretation.  But, you do get to hear about the following:

  • Andrew’s and Brent’s background.  Spoiler alert: Andrew has lots of talents and Brent is living with a shortage.  But he gives it the old college try.
  • Discuss this being a pivotal point in history.  Computing and the Internet are creating what we believe will become the biggest generational gap in history.  We are building this community to navigate this unknown world together.
  • We may or may not be inventing and/or utilizing cloning.
  • And much more…

Finally, we want to say thank you so much for taking the time to listen.  We are very excited to launch this community and thrilled to see where we can go with it together.  Looking forward to hearing from each of you personally.

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