Episode 1: Halloween Tricks & Treats

This episode is all about being free and fun with your kids in true dress-up fashion.  The dads open up about letting go and acting silly with their children, despite a predisposition toward shyness.  Brent enjoys the irony of dressing as a clown while Andrew reminisces about the joy of making his own costumes.

  • Brent wears the same costume for the second year in a row.
  • The Star Lord paradox – how do so many people still not know who he is?
  • The dads discuss the relevance of the holiday and the importance of spending time with their children in their world.
  • The “Candy Nazi’s” identity is revealed.
  • Hear Brent out talk Andrew 2-to-1.
  • Easter egg bonus courtesy of 5-year-old Kenna at the very end of the show.

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