Episode 5: Why Doing Less is the Secret to Accomplishing More

Distractions. As technology has crept its way into our lives an interesting thing has started to happen. We are all constantly battling distractions. Email. Text messages. Facebook. Twitter. Movie trailers. Cat videos. There is no shortage of things coming at us every day. And it can often feel overwhelming to try and navigate our way through the clutter.

There are days when I finally hit the pillow and wonder what the heck happened to the day. And, did anything I do really even move the needle on anything that matters? But before I know it, I’m right back on the hamster wheel in the morning doing it all over again. Lately it got me thinking, there’s simply got to be a better way. And the good news is… there is.

Thanks to Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, there is a path out of the chaos. In this episode Andrew and I discuss the book and how it can absolutely make a difference for you. We give you the abbreviated version but I promise that after listening you’ll want the full book. And pay attention for our newly coined (and copyrighted) phrase “Drive Time Doctorate.” You won’t be disappointed.

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