Episode 10: Raising the Text Generation

Text messages. My kids got iPods for Christmas and I’m afraid we have ushered in a whole new era of communication. It started out innocently enough. Taylor (age 7) was sitting on the couch enjoying some tunes on her new device with her headphones plugged in.

After hearing my wife trying to get her attention I quickly realized that my phone was in my hand and I could just text her. She looked up quickly to see what I wanted. And I’m afraid that may have just ushered in a whole new chapter in our lives.

Lucky for me at this point my girls don’t know many words. Kenna doesn’t really know any at all. Her texts consist of as many emoticons as she can possibly fit on the screen. And her messages usually include the infamous “angry cat,” since she finds it hilarious to send to me and her brother. My default response typically mirrors said cat.

Truthfully, all the kids are really more preoccupied with games and music for the time being. But I know that as soon as they hit their teenage years their little thumbs will be in jeopardy of persistent carpal tunnel syndrome.

In this episode we dig into this topic and how it has become nearly ubiquitous in such a short amount of time. So short in fact that society has yet to define clear rules of etiquette and use. Listen in as we weigh the pros and cons of this short burst method of communication.

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