Episode 16: Exploring the Final Frontier (Part 2)

Living on Mars. The thought of not only traveling to the red planet but setting up camp there is mind blowing. But that’s exactly what the Mars-One team intends to do. And they mean to do it soon.

Starting with a candidate pool of over 200,000 applicants, they have whittled their way down to 100 hopefuls who may soon be eating a bowl of cereal and reading the newspaper in outer space. Literally. And the goal is to start sending these space-aged colonists on this amazing journey beginning in 2026.

In this episode we get to speak one of those finalists, Sonia Van Meter, about why she is so excited to go despite having a husband and family. She was truly a pleasure to talk to as well as highly entertaining. We came away from the interview inspired and excited about the future of space travel.

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