Episode 17: The Rise of Personal Broadcasting

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. iTunes. Twitch. Periscope.

So much of the content we consume online these days is produced by regular people. Not high profile celebrities (although they get in on it too sometimes), but everyday average people just like you and me. Life has forever been changed.

Now, the only thing stopping someone from creating their own stuff and putting it online is a little initiative. The gatekeepers of the past are no longer holding the keys. And people are finding fun new ways to share their creativity every day.

One example is this podcast. And for this episode we bring in Brent’s son Cody as a guest host. We figured since he had “the talk” in Episode 11 it was time we let him contribute to the show in a more impactful way. You can be the judge of his performance.

One thing is certain. The world is more connected than ever before. So go on, it’s your turn. Create something incredible to share with the rest of us. What’s stopping you?

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