Episode 18: Make a Wish – Star Wars Style

Life is short. We know this to be true but sometimes, we forget. It’s so easy to get lost in the busyness of life that this one simple fact is something we rarely think about. But every once in a while life throws you a curve. And you have no choice but to try and make the best of it.

Sometimes unexpected things happen that turns everything upside down. And it can happen in an instant. This is exactly the situation Adam Hartvigsen and his son Ethan were facing when they had a day neither of them could have possibly anticipated..

Going in to check on a pain in Ethan’s leg (which turned out to be a hairline fracture), the doctor’s discovered what would eventually be determined to be cancer. And their lives were immediately and forever changed.

It turns out Adam is a fan and he’s one of the first listeners to reach out to us with a question for the show. During our correspondence we discovered the journey and challenges they experienced as a result of Ethan’s illness. Then he dropped the bomb on us.

Apparently, the Make-A-Wish foundation got involved resulting in Ethan, Disney World Star Wars weekend, and an epic battle with Darth Vader. Which he won of course. And then took out multiple Storm Troopers with his advanced knowledge of the Force.

Naturally we responded immediately by asking him to be on the show. We really loved the idea of integrating the occasional listener story into our podcast and this seemed like the perfect fit. Ethan is a super brave little boy and his story is an inspiration to us all.

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