Episode 20: TV Then & Now

Television. When we were kids watching your favorite TV show was an event. Sometimes the whole family gathered around to watch a show. Other times, we would watch whatever our parents wanted to watch and not complain about it. Times have changed.

A far cry from the days of getting up to change the channel, the medium of television has changed forever with the digital native generation. We watched our programming on a single box in the living room that everyone shared. Kids today have their own devices and headphones enabling them to have a completely private experience.

And the shows they watch are different too. In our day shows like MacGyver and Quantum Leap ruled the evening. Now practically any show you like is available whenever you want to watch it. And increasing more video consumption isn’t even full produced TV shows anymore.

This does not mean TV shows are in decline. Quite the opposite. Some of the best shows in television history are on right now. And the quality of the writing, acting, and producing suggest that isn’t a trend likely to change anytime soon. But one thing is certain. Times are definitely changing. And technology waits for no one.

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