Episode 28: E3 2015 – A New Era in Video Games

I can still remember the birth of video games. First it was Pong. Sure that may not be much more than the folded-paper football game we played in school, but when it came out it was hot new technology. And from there we quickly moved on to various other platforms with Nintendo taking front stage for a time.

The last few years have watched games undergo quite an evolution. Emerging tech like Virtual and Augmented Reality are ready to take it to yet another level. And the annual E3 conference features the best of what’s happening in the world of games each year.

In this episode we discuss Brent’s grand re-entry into the world of big boy games. No longer bound to only Nintendo (though he still loves a good game of Mario Kart), he jumped in with both feet and got an XBox One on Father’s Day.

And we also talk about some of the cool new games on the horizon including Brent’s motivation for getting a system in the first place. Star Wars Battlefront. Game on people. Game on.

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