Episode 30: Top Disney Tips – with Lou Mongello

Walt Disney World is a truly magical place. Kids dream from a young age of getting to visit the Magic Kingdom in person. With all the new acquisitions (Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars) there’s plenty of fun to be had for adults as well. And that’s exactly what our latest guest Lou Mongello gets to do every single day.

A former attorney, Lou has turned his passion for Disney into a full fledged profession. He has a podcast, YouTube channel, savings guide, and offers private tours of Walt Disney World. Perhaps best of all he now teaches others how to turn their own passion into a profession.

Full of energy and enthusiasm Lou was highly entertaining and even endured Brent’s inexplicable nervousness at the beginning. Don’t worry. He recovers just fine. Though Andrew was kind enough to leave in a bit of the outtakes at the start of the show. This one was a total blast and we can’t wait to nerd out with Lou again. Star Wars is just around the corner after all.

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