Episode 32: The Perpetual Power of Pixar

Toy Story was the movie that started it all. Four years in the making, this first every fully computer animated feature film changed our lives forever. Cranking out hit after hit from Monsters Inc. to The Incredibles they have the formula for a great film down to a science.

But it’s not all about the amazing fantasy 3D worlds that technology enables them to create. After all, there are other companies that have since jumped in the market without achieving the same success. They are indeed a cut above the rest.

It’s true Pixar does have the monetary muscle of the Disney machine behind them. But the truth is it’s their ability to tell an emotionally compelling story that has catapulted them to the top of the heap. And with recent hits like Inside Out it doesn’t look like anyone will be winning “King of the Mountain” against them anytime soon.

The story of Pixar is an intriguing one. And since it has roots in both Star Wars and Disney we simply had to discuss it. We’re lucky enough to live in a time where films like these seem to be made for adults… but in a way that kids can enjoy too. Perfect. There’s only so much Frozen a guy can take after all.

Brought to you by: Dada – Jimmy Fallon

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