Episode 34: Digital Dads 2.0 – Finding our Why

So we went out to a big podcast event, Podcast Movement, in Texas recently. We fully expected to learn all the latest tips and tricks to take our show to the next level. And truth be told, we did get lots of nuts and bolts advice that will help us improve a great deal going forward. But we also got something we didn’t expect. Clarity.

As we sat in on session after session we started to notice a common thread. Connect with your audience. Not as a group but as individual people. The more we talked with others like Jon Harrison and Ben Hess, we started to see there was room to raise our game. We also began to realize just how fortunate we are to count you as listeners. You choose to give us your attention and we appreciate that a great deal.

That’s why we decided to focus the brand a bit more. For awhile we’ve felt we could do better describing why someone should listen to the show. After thinking about it long and hard we realized it’s actually quite simple. We strive to continually become better people and better parents. And we want to inspire you to do the same.

Oh, and fun. Lots and lots of fun. So come check out the next iteration of Digital Dads, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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