Episode 36: Life Lessons of Video Games – with Jon Harrison

Think video games are a waste of time? Think again. Our guest this week shows us that games can actually teach us some very valuable life lessons. He makes his case and provides some interesting examples. And I must say he’s extremely convincing.

Jon Harrison of Classically Trained joins the show and shares some of the wisdom he’s learned by playing games. Well, that plus his interest in personal development. The combination worked beautifully and spawned the blog, podcast, a TedX talk, as well as his book Mastering the Game.

We had the privilege of meeting Jon at a podcast event in Texas this year. As luck would have it he sat down right beside us (in a sea of 1000 people) and the conversation sparked from there. Needless to say his interest in games and #LevelUp piqued our interest and he agreed to come on our show and share with you.

Have a listen. You will be entertained. And you will learn. But I promise, you won’t even notice. :)

One Cool Thing

  • Jon Harrison – DragonBox App (secretly teach your kid algebra)

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