Episode 38: Capturing the Magic of Life – with Joe Pardo

Having a baby is hard enough. But recording the entire experience to share with the world? That takes some serious guts. But that’s exactly what our guest this week is doing in a big way with his launch of the Birth audio documentary podcast.

We met Joe Pardo a while back when he interviewed us about our own first effort at storytelling audio. Brent’s eleven year old son Cody asked about “the talk” because he wanted to watch super hero movies. So, we recorded the whole thing to share with the world.

Joe loved it so much he invited us on his show to discuss it. Andrew suggests he may have even been inspired by that episode to do this new project. And though Joe never actually confirmed it we’ll just pretend he did.

In this episode we talk about the experience of sharing such a joyous time in his life with the world. From the first trip to the doctor to telling both of their parents with a pacifier in a box, Joe and his wife Melissa share the details of the pregnancy for all to enjoy. Enjoy.

One Cool Thing

  • Brent – Brent’s brother the handyman: “Redneck Engineering”
  • Andrew –Runkeeper


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