Episode 39: Interviewing the Man called Dad

Life is uncertain. But one thing we know for sure, the years pass by for us all. And the older we get the faster the time seems to go. Watching our kids grow is a constant reminder that our time here is not forever.

So when one of our listeners Jeremy Muse recommended a post by Brendon Burchard about interviewing your dad, we loved the idea. In fact, we loved it so much we decided to turn it into an episode of the show.

Brent went on location at his dad’s house to ask him all 30-plus questions for your enjoyment. And we hope that after listening you are inspired to do the same with your own father. It was a great way to get to know him better and create a memory that will last generations.

Interview Someone You Love About Life – PDF

Jeremy Muse’s band – Jordan Hallquist & The Outfit

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