Episode 40: Why the hype about “The Internet of Things”?

Not so long ago, the Internet came along and changed everything. Few people realized at the time just how profound an impact this would have on the world. But it did. And there were a couple people back then who actually could see what was coming. And history has proven them right.

Well, it’s happening again. There’s something taking place right now, something in its infancy, that just may have as big an effect on society as the creation of the Information Superhighway. In fact, there are some people out there who believe they see something potentially even bigger. That something? The Internet of Things.

I know, I know. It sounded pretty boring to me when I first heard about it too. But it keeps popping up. And the companies betting big on it are a who’s who of the tech world ranging from Apple to Google. So I decided to investigate. And from what I can tell, it may indeed live up to the hype. And maybe within the next five years. So without further ado, here’s to the next big thing.

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