Episode 41: Movies Then & Now

Everybody loves a good movie. Even better if it’s a retro film from the days of our youth. Well, that’s Brent’s opinion anyway. His kids have other ideas. They claim movies from their era are far superior than their pop’s day and age.

You would think Andrew would have Brent’s back in this little debate. After all, he is a co-host and they have another new project they are working on TOGETHER (this week’s one cool thing). But alas, he is empathetic with Brent’s kids on this one and falls squarely in the camp of “all movies are awesome.” Brent sees this as a clear sign of weakness and is actively recruiting a new partner. All applications welcome.

Sponsor: Little Elliot – Big Family

One Cool Thing (coming soon)

Outatime: Retro Movie Club


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