Episode 44: Because I Said So

Discipline is always a challenge for anyone with kids. Any parent knows how trying it can be to get them down at night. Sometimes, even a simple trip to the store can be difficult. Then there’s whining, negotiating, pouting… you name it, kids will try it.

But short of giving up we have to find techniques that work. And not just in the short term. We want to make sure the discipline we are exhibiting is in the best interest of our children. Sure we’re tired, stressed, and sometime emotional ourselves. But someone has to be the adult. And you can bet it won’t be them.

In this episode Brent and Andrew explore some of the many mistakes we all make when attempting to raise our kids. As crash-test parents in the digital world they’ve found some stuff that works and lots that doesn’t. but they are committed to becoming better parents and enjoying the journey along the way.

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