Episode 51: Media Moms & Digital Dads with Dr. Yalda Uhls

Being a parent is hard. And raising kids in the digital age is even harder. Technology is advancing quickly in the world today bringing with it not only new benefits but new challenges as well. Especially for parents.

We are digital immigrants tasked with raising digital natives to succeed in a world that changes more every Media Moms & Digital Dadsday. And there is no one to show us the way. From cyber bullying to sexting there are new challenges arising all the time.

But is it as bad as it seems? In this episode we talk with Dr. Yalda T. Uhls about the reality of our fast changing world and how it is impacting our children. We ask her about questions like these:

  • Is social media ruining our kids?
  • How much internet activity is too much?
  • What do FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), sexting, and selfies mean for teens? 
  • What does research say about how media and technology are impacting childhood?

Listen in as Dr. Uhls helps us approach parenting from a new perspective. Armed with the facts and some solid strategies we are much better equipped to raise our children to thrive in the new digital reality.

Dr. Yalda T. Uhls website

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