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Episode 52: Star Wars – The Force Awakens Roundtable

What can make a grown man cry? Star Wars that’s what. We got excited about the brand new Star Wars movie a year ago when we first saw the trailer. In that short video clip one thing was obvious. Star Wars was back.

That trailer connected us with our inner child in a meaningful way. For a moment, we were little boys again. And it was glorious. In fact we were so excited that we did an entire podcast episode about the new film. And again, this was a full year before the release date. But Star Wars is important so the decision was a good one.

That episode was also important in another way as well. It marked the first time we included clips of the kids in the show. If you’ve heard any of our episodes you know that has become a mainstay since then. And to think it was all inspired by Star Wars.

Now that the movie has come out, we knew it was time to do a follow up episode. This time we get a special treat as we bring some fellow dads on with us to have a roundtable discussion about it. We do a review including what we liked and what we didn’t, plus we discuss a few of the theories floating around out there about Rey. And at least one grown man admits to tearing up at the theater. And I bet he wasn’t alone.

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