Episode 53: Capturing Life’s Precious Moments

Kids grow up fast. Like really fast. One minute they’re crying their way through another new tooth and the next their picking out curtains with their spouse. Well… maybe it goes a little slower than that. But not much.

Our wonderful little angels move through the phases of life at a rapid pace. Of course we don’t notice it in the moment. Then one day we take a good look at one of them and exclaim, “I can’t believe you are already (insert new age) years old! Where does the time go?”

That’s why it’s super important to capture as many of these little moments when they happen. Sure we all take tons of photos on the smart phone in our pocket. And maybe even a video or two depending on how well we manage our storage. But there are some other neat ways we can freeze those memories in time.

A recent Internet search turned up a great blog post by Code Name Mama. In it she discusses 10 ways to preserve memories with her children. We though this would be a great topic to discuss so after putting the requisite Digital Dads flair to it here you go.

[Code Name Mama]

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