Episode 59: In Case of Zombies >> Press Play

Zombies are an undeniable part of pop culture. They’re in movies (with rules) and TV shows. They have their own video games. And I’m pretty sure at least one of the current running presidential candidates is brain dead enough to qualify. But for most people these flesh eating monsters are only a figment of our imagination. Or are they?

The idea of dead people rising from the grave may be a little far fetched. However, the possibility of a virus spreading through the population with similar effect makes things much more interesting. It begs the question… could a zombie outbreak actually happen?

For the answer we turn to science. Not the pseudo that we use on the show to validate our opinions. We’re talking real, bona-fide Albert Einstein type science. The following video intrigued us as it makes a strong case it’s at least possible. And since the CDC agrees we thought it best to take a deeper look.

We had a blast with this episode and remain convinced that by the end of it, you’ll realize the truth too. Zombies may soon live among us. The only question is… will we be ready.

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