Episode 62: Round Table – Real First Time Dads

The moment you find out you’re going to be a parent everything changes. In a few short months there will be a whole new person to clothe, feed, and look out for. It can feel entirely overwhelming. Especially if you’ve never had a child before. In this episode we talk to a few real first time dads and they share their thoughts on having that first baby. You don’t want to miss it.

The good news is there are lots of other parents out there who’ve come before you. They are fine and you will be too. You will experience challenges but you will be better for it. And the Digital Dads Round Table can help. This is a wonderful community of dads that share the joys and pains of being a father with each other. We help each other out when needed and we talk about Star Wars the rest of the time. This is where you’ll find the dads from this and other Round Table episodes and we sincerely hope you’ll join us.

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