RTR 1: Writing the eBook and Raising the Bar

Hear ye… hear ye! The first episode of the Rules of the Round Table (RTR) is finally here! One of the Dads in the Round Table helped us realize that all of this was great but it too easily forgotten. Enter the RTR episodes.

These will be short mini-episodes intended to help remind us (Andrew and Brent included) of how to be most effective raising our kids in a digital world. Each one will focus on a specific Rule of the Round Table and bring an example from real life to help connect the dots. We hope you like them and that this is the first of many.

This time Brent focuses on the effort in writing the book as well as taking the Digital Dads brand to the next level. You are all a huge part of that and we appreciate each and every one of you as we move forward into some fun new projects. Stay tuned!

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