Episode 83: Renegade Parenting with Heather Shumaker

We are told from an early age not to break the rules. Our parents tell us, our teachers remind us, and society expects us to follow the path well traveled. But is this always best? When it comes to raising our children, do the rules that we’ve been handed down by our parents still apply? In an ever evolving world of technology, perhaps not. That’s the position of author Heather Shumaker.

In her latest book It’s OK to Go Up the Slide Heather advocates reinventing our paradigm of proper parenting. She believes if something isn’t working we should be bold enough to challenge it. Consider the following “radical” views:

  • It’s OK to Talk to Strangers
  • Ban Elementary Homework
  • Recess is a Right
  • Don’t Force Participation

Don’t miss this episode where we discover how a different approach to parenting just may make all the difference to our children.

Heather’s Podcast – Renegade Rules

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