Episode 84: Staying Safe Online with Stacy Martin

The Internet is a scary place. Or at least it can be. The world has evolved into an always connected place that can be dangerous if not taken seriously. And our kids (digital natives) don’t always understand the risk. From the Facebook post of a photo to the Snapchat video they think disappears instantly, they tend to trivialize the potential for problems. But that doesn’t mean they’re right.

While we have no intention of overreacting and preventing our kids from being online, we do want to be aware of the challenges we now face. We must be involved enough to help guide them while at the same time allowing them to grow to be independent adults. This is no easy task.

Join us this week as we have the privilege of speaking with Stacy Martin the Senior Manager of Privacy and Engagement at Mozilla (think Firefox web browser). We discuss online privacy and many other issues facing parents today as we learn about raising kids in a digital world together.


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