Round Table

In the Beginning…

We started Digital Dads because we realized we are living in a very unique point in history. As digital immigrants we have the responsibility of raising digital natives to be successful in a world that is changing at a breakneck pace. It can be an intimidating challenge.

What we didn’t know back then was how on earth we could succeed in raising our children in a fast moving digital world. But now that we’ve connected with so many other amazing dads we’ve finally found our answer.

Enter the Round Table

The Digital Dads Round Table was created to help each of us become better. Better people. Better parents. We know there are limits to how good we can be on our own. Now we don’t have to be.

The “Rules of the Round Table” is our unifying philosophy on raising kids in this digital world. And it’s these simple rules that will help guide us on the greatest adventure ever. The adventure of being a father. You have our sword!

Rules of the Round Table


Nothing awesome is ever an accident. That includes being a dad. If we want to become the best dad ever then it must be done with purpose.


Playing with our children is one of the best ways to really connect. We make an effort to authentically laugh with our kids at least once every day. Bonus points if it involves giving them a hard time.


Yes, this does mean looking away from our smartphones sometimes. In a world filled with technology a certain amount of distraction is inevitable. But we still pay attention to our children so they always know they are valued and loved.


The world is moving at a breakneck pace. And there are definite challenges that come with such  a rapidly advancing society. But there are also amazing opportunities to learn, grow, and play that we both explore ourselves and inspire our children to do the same.


Life gets busy. Days go by. When the dust settles, our time here is limited. We strive to keep our focus on the things that matter most.


We don’t let aging ruin our appreciation to the mystery life has to offer. We keep our own eyes open to discover wonder where it lives and inspire our children to do the same.


Technology opens more doors to learning than we have time to open. So we focus on those doors that are most worth opening. Learning to become the best dad ever is one of those doors.


We all mess up. Sometimes we mess up big. But every day is a new day. So we dust off our boots, learn from our mistakes, and get about the business of making today better than yesterday.


Just because we’re dads doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten what cool is. And now we get to share cool stuff like lightsabers and Jedi mind tricks with mini-me. Doubly awesome.


There is tremendous power in aligning with other dads like us. Showing respect for others in the group is the single best way to maximize that power. You have our sword!